How we can help

What we can do

It can be hard to understand complex rules or get professionals to see your point of view. You may feel you are not getting the help you need or you may be worried that the health and social care services you are getting are not good enough. You may end up feeling confused and that you have not been treated fairly.

We will:

  • listen to you
  • help you to choose what is best for you
  • support you at important meetings
  • be on your side
  • safeguard your rights.


We can help with a number of different things including:

Care and support services

  • Help you to raise concerns or appeal if you feel you are not getting all the help you need.
  • Challenge the amount you are being asked to pay for your care.

Health services

  • Help you raise your concerns if your care has not been good enough.
  • Come with you to meetings with your doctor if you want to question aspects of your treatment.

Tribunals or Appeals

  • Support you at Mental Health Tribunals.

Care homes

  • Help you raise concerns if things are not right at the care home.
  • Make sure your wishes are taken into account if your care home has to close.

Safeguarding Your Rights

  • Speak up for you if you are not being allowed t do what you want because you are said to be vulnerable.
  • You still might not get the result you want, but we can make sure your wishes and concerns are heard.

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Was good to have someone to help me remember things at the meeting.

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I finally felt that someone was on my side.

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Advocacy enabled me to challenge my diagnosis.

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I feel more confident knowing I am able to question my care.

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I was able to participate in the process.

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