Mental health

Advocacy and mental health

At BIAS we will:

  • listen to you
  • be on your side
  • support you at meetings or Tribunals
  • help you get the information so you can choose what is best for you
  • safeguard your rights.

What can we help with?

We can support you in a wide range of issues. We also provide help with specific things to do with your mental health like:

Support if you have been detained in hospital or in the community

  • We can help if you have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Mental Health Tribunals

  • We can help you to appeal to a Tribunal and support you at the hearing if you wish.
  • Help you to express your views and concerns regarding your care and treatment.

Help with Advance Statements

  • We can support you to write an Advance Statement which sets out how you want to be treated and the kind of treatment you don’t want to receive, should you become unwell.

General mental health advocacy support for people with mental health issues

  • Support you at meetings with your psychiatrist, GP or social worker.
Left quote

Was good to have someone to help me remember things at the meeting.

Right quote
Left quote

I finally felt that someone was on my side.

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Left quote

Advocacy enabled me to challenge my diagnosis.

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I feel more confident knowing I am able to question my care.

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I was able to participate in the process.

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