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BIAS Self Directed Support (SDS) Independent Advocacy Service

About Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support (SDS) is a new approach to providing social care. It puts you in control by giving you a lot more say about the type of support you get.

Self Directed Support (SDS) offers you choice, control and flexibility in the way your support meets your needs.

People receiving support through SDS are allocated an Individual Budget to spend on the support they need. A personal care plan will be created ensuring the individual budget best suits your needs.

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Can anyone get SDS?

Provided you meet local eligibility criteria, there are only limited circumstances when SDS will not be available.

Our service will ensure you are in control and are the central focus of your SDS support arrangements. We can:

  • Provide information about SDS and how it can put you in control of your own care
  • Provide independent advocacy support to help you to understand your rights and entitlements
  • Provide 1:1 advocacy support to help you to explore creative options for your individual care
  • Enable you to make well informed decisions in relation to SDS
  • Help you to work with others to communicate your choices
  • Help link you to other relevant sources of support
  • Support you at your SDS Review
  • If required we can support you through the local council complaints procedure
  • Provide you with independent advocacy support from the start to the end of the SDS process.

How SDS works

Your needs will have to be assessed by the local council, who will ten work with you through the various stages in the process to agree an Individual Budget. You can manage your Individual Budget in a number of ways:

  • Provide information about SDS and how it can put you in control of your own care
  • You receive you Individual Budget through a Direct Payment and arrange your own support.
  • Your Individual Budget is paid to a service provider of your choice and you determine how it will be spent. This is called an Individual Service Fund. You arrange your own services but do not hold the money
  • The Council holds your Individual Budget and arranges your services. You do not hold the money or arrange the services.
  • You do a mix of the above


A personal care plan will be agreed based on your identified needs.

We can provide advocacy support at every stage to ensure your views and opinions are listened to throughout the process.

Download our SDS Leaflet.

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Was good to have someone to help me remember things at the meeting.

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I finally felt that someone was on my side.

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Advocacy enabled me to challenge my diagnosis.

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I feel more confident knowing I am able to question my care.

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I was able to participate in the process.

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